3 Things you Should Start doing at the End of a Gig

Most freelancers are moving from gig to gig…

And believe me, keeping a client is about a million times easier than finding a new one. You can use your “goodbye” to increase the probability of working with a client again.

There is no excuse for not following these 3 simple steps.

Tie up loose ends

Are you really done? No…wait. Are you really, really done?  It’s good to be a bit compulsive in this case.

Double-check that you’ve fulfilled all the aspects of the project as agreed-upon. Send a confirmation email to get it in writing (“We’ve done X and Y as agreed; are we ready to confirm this is the final draft?”). Send out a final invoice and confirm its receipt; there is nothing more irritating than trying to collect months after you’ve finished a project. Do all the nitty-gritty little finishing details.

Say “Thank You”

When you’ve finished up your gig, send your client a quick “Thank You” email within a day or two of completion. Make sure you include your contact information – as well as an explicit invitation to work together again.

Also, this is a good time to politely ask for testimonials or feedback.

Connect on Social Networks

Connect with clients on LinkedIn, Twitter*, and even Facebook** while they’re still your clients; that link will outlast single projects. Connecting to current clients makes them “colleagues”, rather than employers, and builds relationships. When they’re scrolling through their contact list later, they’ll think of you for future projects.

Make sure to use this tips on every gig and I can guaranteed that you would have a lot of return customers and referrals.

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