5 Phrases You Should Always Put In Your First Email To New Prospects

You need to remember: Your first email you send a new prospect is the most important one.

A bad email or even a average one will instantly send up to 90% or more of the away… And I am pretty sure that you don’t want that.

But a good email will get you a reply back and open the door to further communication.

And further communication leads to winning more projects… this is what we want

Here are the 5 phrases you should always include in your first email to help win more prospects over.

A big Thank You

And… you might be wondering “why should I thank them?”

Because they took their time to wrote you. Something about you caught their eye, take it as a compliment.

Also, a simple word can change a person mindset. It makes people feel good and appreciated.

You can use something simple as “Hello name, thanks you for writing in”

Affirm that you’d love to help them

Sure, you are a freelancer but that doesn’t mean that you should have the worse customer service ever. Do not make your prospect feels that they are bothering you.

This is the worst feeling you can give a prospect.

You can write something like: “I’d be thrilled to help you with your project!”

Ask them how they heard about you

This is key to tracking your marketing.

You need to know which channel are bringing you clients, so… go old fashioned and ask how they heard about you.

Ask them why they reached out to you.

Be natural when you are asking them a question.

“I am curious, what inspired you to reach out to me? Was there something on my website that really spoke to you?
As before, this helps you refine your marketing.

By re-affirming what they liked, it causes them to stop and think about it and draw more attention to it.
This actually flips the conversation around a bit and makes the person sell themselves on you.

Next steps

Be super clear.

Sales are killed in the beginning because people don’t give prospect a clear direction to follow.

Let them know if they need to call you back, if they need to reply to your email, if you are going to email them in a couple of days, etc.

Try to include some urgency too.

The next step is to get on the phone so we can talk in detail about your project. What’s a good time for you? I’m free at 2 pm today and tomorrow.

Last but not the least

Automate your emails. Since we are freelancer we are always busy developing your project. But you should not ignore your leads, my personal recommendation is to try Aweber. It is an awesome email automation tool, you can try it for Free for 30 days.

Do you have any killer tips for getting new clients?

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