5 techniques that every freelance can do to promote their services


Since you are planning to be a full time freelance you must be aware that you might not only be able to develop your projects, but that you would need to promote your services in order to get more customers.

And I understand that for some of us, the idea of been a salesperson can be pretty scary. And for this reason some people decide not to start their freelance journey.

In this article I am going to share with you 5 simple techniques that you can implement without being an expert. And trust me, they are pretty helpful to every type of freelance.

You need to have a Blog: I don’t mean to have a blog in which you are going to let us know about your pet, I mean a professional blog in which you are going to share your skills. For example: If you are a photographer you can write a couple of articles in which you are going to share with us how to take great pictures, how to identify a mistake in a picture, how to hire a professional photographer, etc.

Help or work with others: An easy way to get leads is by helping them. You can offer to help people with your services, you can provide them a discount or you can do it for free. For example: If you are a writer you can contact a popular blogger and let him or her know that you would like to be a guess writer. You can write a really high quality article and can add a little biography about yourself.

Do not forget your business card: The customers are everywhere, even in the super market. So, do not forget your business card. People might add your phone or your email to their smartphone. But let’s be honest… are they really going to remember who you are?

Use your email in a very efficient way: You can send emails to companies or even to people promoting your services. But I don’t do SPAM, please. If a person reply do not miss the opportunity to do a follow up.

Talk with People: If you really want to be a freelance you cannot be a shy person. Because, as a freelance, this is something that you are going to be doing on a daily basis. Do not miss the opportunity to meet new people. It can be in a reunion, in a party or in a conference. Introduce yourself, give them a business card or 2 (so that they can share your contact with another person), shake their hand and let them know what you do.

As you can see these five techniques are very simple and will help a lot in your career as a freelancer.

I invite you to start doing them right away, and to share this article on the social networks.

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