7 Killer tips to manage better your time

Did you know that 80% of the task that you do are a total way of your time?

I don’t know you yet, but think about these and be 100% honest with yourself.

You are always super busy, like really busy with your current projects and clients.
You spend a lot of time working but you did not finish a single task.
You have projects that are super delay.

But you then, something just happen and you get a really awesome project in which you are going to get good money and somehow (almost kind of magic) you have enough time to do it.

But wait! You just told me that you were pretty busy. Don’t you?

The day keeps with the same 24 hours as before, but know you need how to priorities your tasks and get organized.

So, that’s why I am going to share with you 7 Killer tips to manage in a better way your time

Set goals and objectives in your business

You have a limit amount of time and you do not have the manpower to do 1000 task a day, so you have to priorities and have a clear objective and goal that you would going to accomplish.

Do a follow up of your time

Keep a time tracker of all your activities, then you can analyze which are the task that you are taking too long to accomplish. Then you can eliminate them or you can hire an outsourcer.

Close your Email

Your email is a tool that you use to get projects and customers, but is not your actual job. So stop been there staring at your email 24/7.

Analyze the main reason why are you getting a lot of emails at the time, maybe is because you are not clear enough about your projects… if so, try to get as many details as possible in your firsts emails. Commit to an email schedule.

Use simple tools

I know that in today’s world there is an app for almost everything. And that you would like to test them all. But try to keep them as simple as possible, so that you can have all your information in 1 place, rather than to access different things at the same time.

Stop looking at the results

Just stop checking your PayPal account, your Google Analytics and your subscribers/followers.

Organize your files

Make sure that all your files are organized in a logical way, and that all your customers/project’s files as well. You can waist a lot of time by just trying to find the first version of a project that you start working at the beginning of last month.

Learn to say “No”

This is the greatest tool if you want to avoid wasting your time, you will need to learn to say “no”.

I have to be honest about this, it has been one of the most difficult skills that I had to learn to be a better freelancer.

You need to start choosing the right type of customers and project.

How to do you do that?

You need to answer this question: Is this project/customer going to help me to accomplish my business goal/objectives?


I hope you like the post, if you are still having a hard time to organize your freelance life, feel free to leave a message in the comment box.

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