How to Catch your Dream Client?

It doesn’t matter if you are the kind of freelancer that are working from gig to gig or if you do have an international brand name… All of us are having a fantasy: landing the Dream Client. So, here is a couple of tips of how to turn a Dream Client into reality: Start independently…

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How to Market The Benefits of Hiring a Freelancer?

It is easy to question your value if you are new to freelancing, if you have had a steep learning curve, if you haven’t realized profitability, or even worse… If you you’ve recently lost clients. I know that all of these can harm your confidence and leave you wondering if you should bother to market…

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5 techniques that every freelance can do to promote their services

Since you are planning to be a full time freelance you must be aware that you might not only be able to develop your projects, but that you would need to promote your services in order to get more customers. And I understand that for some of us, the idea of been a salesperson can…

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