How to be a Freelancer while you have a Full Time Job?

Long time ago, I used to have a full time job… and I was dreaming to be a freelancer. But I had responsibilities that will not allow me to quit my job without having some kind of “secure” incomes.

This shouldn’t be a limitation to start your freelance business, you can get started as a part time freelancer.

Here is my list of my 5 tips to start as a part time freelancer:


Now days, there are a lot of companies that allows there employees to work 1 a day a week from their house. If you have this opportunity and you can work 1 day a week from your house, try to invest your time in the wisest way.

I know that it can be really easy to get distracted with the TV, but instead of that create a schedule in which you can combine your full time job and you freelance activities. And remember, follow your schedule.

Follow the Rules

I know, I know… you might be thinking that the rules were made to be broken. And that might be true. But my advice is to follow them and avoid to break them.

Remember that you are part time freelancer, so that there might be times in which a customer would like to meet you during your working hours.

In this case, my recommendation would be to talk with your supervisor as soon as you know about the meeting and let him/her knows that you need to take the rest of the day.

But remember, you will need to create a “win-win” situation, so instead of letting your supervisors assume that you are going to have the rest of the day off, tell him/her that you are going to be back after your meeting, or that you can work a couple of extra hours on the next day, so that there are not going to lose those hours.

Be Flexible

Because you have a full time job, I know that you have a lack of free time.

So, you can try to weak up 30 minutes earlier. You can use that time to send quotes to your customers and to answer your business email.

If you have 1 hour of lunch, try to do a sacrifices and take 30 minutes of your time to take care of your business. You might even have a quick meeting in a place nearby or even by phone.

Be Portable.

Today we can get good cellular and notebooks that allows us to streamline our work, whether we are waiting for our turn at the doctor, or are in the middle of a large traffic jam, or even on public transport.

Use these benefits and this time productively.

Get Support

At this point I do not just mean to seek support for your business but also at home.

If you have young children you know that your time is more limited. So if you’re going to ask a family member or friend to look after your children or help you clean the house, try to do the most during those hours.

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