How to Market The Benefits of Hiring a Freelancer?

It is easy to question your value if you are new to freelancing, if you have had a steep learning curve, if you haven’t realized profitability, or even worse… If you you’ve recently lost clients.

I know that all of these can harm your confidence and leave you wondering if you should bother to market your services at all.

Maybe… it is time to go to basics.

Here is a list of 5 things that you can use in your pitches now:

You save clients time and money

As an employee an employer will need to take care of your taxes, maternity leave, health care plan, vacation pay, sick pay, disability benefits, etc.

All of these can add tens of thousands of dollars per employee to the payroll every year.

But as a freelancer, your client will not have to take care of these.

Because you are responsible for keeping record of your earnings and reporting your own taxes, your own health care plan, disability, etc… Also, when your contract expires you are not eligible to receive unemployment benefits from the client.

A potential client will realize immediate saving y hiring your strictly for what you can provide without worrying about investing a great portion of their operating budget to keep you around.

You are easier to hire and fire

Since you are not in a employment contract your customer and you can termite your contract when you job is done or earlier.

Make sure to do a contract that protect yourself. You can protect yourself by producing transparent, highly-detailed, crystal-clear contracts and proposals

Freelancer aren’t restricted by geographic location

Thanks to technology (Skype, FB, Twitter, emails, VoIP) a client can work with you freelancers all over the world.

As long as you have access to reliable internet connection, you can continue on as it’s normally does.

Freelancer’s work schedules aren’t restricted by business hours of operation

As a freelancer you can opt to work as early or as late as you see fit.

You can work late into the night, super early in the morning, during holidays or weekends if you feel like it.

You are not tight to a schedule.

Your client only pays for what they need

Average employer finds themselves spending untold sums of money paying employees for coffee breaks, smoke breaks, office / cubicle visits, etc.… in addition to the job the employee is supposed to be paid for!

As a freelancer, you’re only paid for the work you performed.


These are some key points (benefits) that you can use to market yourself as freelancer.

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