Learn how to say “No” to some projects

Have you ever been in a meeting and as soon as it started you just realize that the customer do not have the budget to develop the project, that you won’t be able to develop the project by the deadline the customer is requesting, or you just feel that this is going to customer that is going to give you a hard time?

It had happen to me. I have waist too much time on traffic, meetings and re-scheduling my task just to realize that the person is not going to be “my dream customer”.

I know that some of you might be thinking that since you are just beginning your freelance career you are not able to choose your customers, and that you should accept every single project.
And that is not true.

Because at the end you are going to waste your time… and time = money.
Remember that you are a Freelancer, and as a freelancer you are your own business.

And as a business you should know who is your target market and your ideal customer.
So, you have the right to say “no” to those projects that does not fill your requirements. You will need to make sure that you are using the right marketing strategy so that you are attracting the type of customers what you would like to work with.

Review the marketing strategy that you are currently using.
If you are using your website, make sure that your website have the right copy and that is sending the right message to the right people. Review your images… the same if you are using any social media strategy.

Try to develop a little questioner that you can email to the lead, so that they can fill it out and that you can see if they are the type of customers that you are looking for or not.
Use this techniques and start getting the type of customers that you really want to have.

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