Speak your customer’s language


It doesn’t matter in what type of business you are involve, make sure that your customers understand what you are trying to explain.

Try to provide them all the information about the project that you are going to develop. Try to explain it as simple as possible.

Remember that your customer might not be an expert in your field, and for that reason he or she might understand any technical jargon.

Do not assume that they might understand you if you are using technical language. Trust me, that is a really common mistake, and by making it you might intimidate your customer, or they might think that you are not really interesting in work in the project.

If you need to use a technical term explain the definition, remember… keep it simple, keep it short.

In my case, I am a graphic designer, so what I usually do is that I give my customers examples so that they might understand what I am talking about. I make sure to show my customers that I know what their needs are. I make suggestions about their designs, online marketing strategies or web development. And how this might help their business.

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